• Rui Veras

Is an in-house video producer a must?

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Today video is pivotal and ought to be part of every days organisational communication. Written content is important, but video is even the way we currently read on. One can argue some people are more visual, while others like reading better. In any case, video engages both audiences - while translating content into engaging and easy to understand media products.

Our current digital platforms, like social media, websites, apps and even digital outdoors, all use video. From animation, to talking heads, to a combination of both, moving images capture our attention. Understanding what capture people's attention and delivering it is key for a successful engagement strategy and brand recognition. Currently, most organisations engage via social media and to this end video is a must. Often videos published on social media are a reaction to what is happening - this requires being able to produce video fast and frequently. Thus, I believe a video manager is nowadays a must-have role in any good Communications department. Maybe even more important than a communication manager, unless your communications manager is a skilled video professional.

Video editing became much easier with a series of tools allowing a semi-professional work to be done in our own handheld smartphone devices. However, this seemingly easy task requires quite some expertise for expert results at least. Editing one's speech to a brilliance level is not as straight forward as it might seem. We do not often realise the amount of speech habits even good speakers have, on a good video you will not hear any. This is why a video editor has once named me: "the video editor's nightmare". Having a good tone is as important as clean speech, and that sometimes requires quite some editing. And all this, while being on message.

There are no miracles, and the worse one can assume is that editing can completely transform what one says. Being on message is paramount to align organisations' voice. Here an in house video producer/ media manager is key. Briefings are important, but a good strategist needs to capture the "air" to translate in message what is said often at the highest level. Understanding and communicating that balance is a special skillset that will make successful companies and organisations thrive.


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