• Rui Veras

Conscious Leadership

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

This past October I became 38 years old and that was also the month I started a new consciousness period. Attending the Wisdom Together conference about conscious leadership was an opportunity to expand my consciousness around the values and tools available to leadership for expanding business and organisational culture.

The concept of conscious leadership aims to take leaders through a journey of enlightenment at various levels. At the end one should be able to identify purpose and align practice and core values across individuals, teams, organisation and business goals. Identifying the core values across these elements maximizes and sustains performance.

“People are fully engaged, connected to teams, pursuing a common purpose, to create financial well-being.“ – Conscious Business Institute

The starting point is the individual. One can pause and reflect on one’s own values. What are the essences of one’s soul? What drives you and gives you motivation? Aspirations, dreams, everything is valid. At the core of aspirations you find values that relate to one’s purpose. These core values are the important essences, which we will identify across the individual, the team, the organisation and the business elements. It is a meditative exercise that one should undertake to map these core values.

At the individual level, self-leadership unleashes one’s authentic power. You will find a new model of success because you focus on your authentic power, which you tap to via your emotional system. Understanding what makes you tick, will allow you to explore these values in other levels of your life, giving you an understanding of what drives you. People become fully engaged.

A team also has its own essence. Connection makes great teams. Understanding team dynamics can be a great way to empower relationships amongst team members. Well-functioning relationships are based on good solid communication. Building on collaboration & engagement can give you a great frame for a good functioning team.

The organisation relates directly to purpose. It is essential to define the purpose that drives culture in your organisation. Why you do everything you do? And how do you motivate those around you to excel? Understanding these core organisational values allows aligning individuals and teams in a common purpose. Non-profit organisations are usually stronger in this element.

And the business element to develop financial well-being. Managing a conscious business is conscious business decision making. This means sustainability, economic and overall environmental well-being go hand in hand. Sustainability means long term survival and a sustainable business model is one that should survive generations. Conscious business sustainability will enable the creation of the future organisation. For that we need conscious leadership enabled by the conscious Leader.

To learn more you can watch The Conscious Business Ambassador Webinar Building Conscious Businesses to learn more about Purpose-Driven Culture. The Conscious business culture and leadership program aims to take participants trough a journey of self enlightenment to enable leaders to develop new business and organisations. I encourage you to learn more.


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