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How to stay organised at work

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Community management is a key element of the social media age. Organisations understand that internal communication is a priority to deliver their mission and engage their constituencies with intranets.

Organisational culture is a key tool to understand and communicate organisational strategy. As such, one requires comprehensive research of the mission as well as of the living networks that drive an organisation. Engagement is boosted by developing succinct and relevant news, targeted at the audience's relevant needs.

At Greenpeace International I had the opportunity to experience first hand the successful adoption of a global intranet. Greenpeace deployed an intranet platform to its 28 offices worldwide with the goal to engage more than 3000 staff globally.

Scoping, development, implementation and engagement require dedicated resources and skill. Community engagement, project management, video and blog production were vital for successful adoption.

Brian Fitzgerald, Director, Dancing Fox, Ltd

"Rui re-invented internal communications at Greenpeace. He drove the adoption of a new and vibrant intranet, established a collaborative approach to structuring and populating it, and ran a one-man internal marketing campaign that succeeded in getting everyone's attention and putting the project in the limelight it needed to reach critical mass. He then proceeded to raise the bar on how we reported on meeting outcomes and organisational developments by pioneering a snappy video blog model, to which he applied a sharp eye for the essential edit and a beautiful sense of story and pacing. In short, he mastered his craft, translating key organisational messages into enjoyable, informative formats -- often no mean feat given his source material. He was a joy to work with, and I can unconditionally recommend him."

December 16, 2013, Brian managed Rui indirectly at Greenpeace

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